John Stevens at San Francisco Library

John Stevens, lettering artist & illustrator with over 30 years of experience, presented his new book, Scribe, and work exhibition at the San Francisco Main Library. Mr. Stevens talked about his personal evolution and what to keep in mind when starting a hand lettering project.

Mr. Stevens began as a sign writer. His passion for the Roman letter allowed him to spend many hours practicing and perfecting his technique. Later he began experimenting and inventing imagery while playing with movement, rhythm, and bending the form of letters.

Mr. Stevens expressed his belief that the word “calligraphy” should be replaced with “letter arts” or “hand lettering”. In his years of experience he has encountered many people who’s only understanding of calligraphy is, “that curvy type style”.

Over the last 30+ years, Mr. Stevens has worked in a wide variety of projects including: signage, logos, magazine covers, packaging design, murals and furniture design.