John Maeda at Arkitektura Assembly

June 13th-20th was San Francisco Design Week. One of the highlights was John Maeda in Conversation at Arkitektura General Assembly.

Graphic designer, multimedia artist, and teacher, John Maeda talked about his beginning at MIT Media Lab. He showed the audience various early experimental projects with the computer way before interactive art was accepted by his teachers. He remembered his time in Japan and his later opportunity to be the president of Rhode Island School of Design just before the 2008 recession started.

“Take the next step” was his advice to students and colleagues. John Maeda has currently taken the step of relocating to the Bay Area where he is the first Design Partner at KPCB. Now involved in a venture capital firm, John Maeda explained the importance of design in startup companies and his belief that this is the Age of Design.

John Maeda finished the talk by opening a surprise gift for the audience: 200+ hand illustrated posters of his life.