Outer Richmond

It has been a month since I moved to San Francisco. After several weeks of meeting interesting characters and frustrating emails, I almost agreed to share a room. I can’t believe how desperate room hunting can be, but I was finally able to get a place.

Outside of San Francisco’s Downtown area, far from the Tenderloin’s drama, grass smoke, hipsters, buildings, shiny chic bars and restaurants that would eventually burn a hole in my pocket, I chose to move to Outer Richmond.

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco’s biggest parks, Outer Richmond is a traditional neighbordhood just 20 minutes driving time from Downtown. Many people have called Outer Richmond their home for generations and family owned stores where they remember your face or know your name are not the exception. It’s a quiet place with plenty of parking and of course fog. If you are planning on moving to Outer Richmond, here are a couple of tips:

  • Clothing: Think layers. Bring your jacket, coat and hoodie. Scarf and hat are useful if you come from a warm city.

  • Ethnicity: Outer Richmond has a lot of Korean, Vietnamese and Russian influence. Hopefully you like ethnic food or at least don’t mind having some signs in other languages.

  • Transportation: Chances are you want to explore the city and probably work in the Market, Oakland or Silicon Valley. If you have a car you are in luck because Outer Richmond has parking space but many people I know chooses to sell their car or leave it in the garage since public transportation is very good. If you are going to use public transportation get a Clipper Card as soon as possible. Muni has several routes to Outer Richmond and some are available 24/7.

  • Party Mode: Outer Richmond has a lot of activities to offer but if your nightlife is super important perhaps you want to live near bars and clubs then you might want to rethink moving here. There are a couple of dive bars in Geary and Balboa but that might not be your thing.