New Business Cards

Yay! Finally have business cards again.

When creating my website I changed the logo a bit and had to designed new business cards. Branding yourself is always hard or at least it has been for me.

I don’t feel I have a particular style yet. I enjoy creating a grid layout where every millimeter matters as much as just drawing and illustrating organic shapes where no guides are welcomed.

I can go from wanting to work on illustrative type, editorial layout, photography, web and coding, digital painting, lately I’ve been wanting to work on 3d and video editing again so how was I going to sell myself. Come to think about it maybe many years from now I will wake up and take all my parents recipes, start experimenting and open a bakery. Hey! it might happen (yeah definitely after A LOT of experimenting). Back to the business cards.

Long story short, the reason why I do this is to help people and so decided to make an illustrated type expressing just that. Well at the end only kept the Hello. So hello stranger, how can I help you?