Getting Personal

Sometimes things just happen. At the end of January, after spending the holidays with my family in the Dominican Republic, I felt lonely and in need of some excitement. Started searching for concerts and found one I liked…Tool, except they were only playing on the west coast. It was time to plan a trip.

Before the sale started I had already planned my trip to Portland and how I would spend a couple of days in Seattle, but the floor tickets sold-out within the hour and I had no intention of buying a plane ticket to sit in the balcony. It was time to find another solution and that was San Francisco, they had just opened a second general admission date.

It didn’t take me many days to realize that maybe this was the opportunity to relocate. Everything was just falling into place and next thing you know I’m making my to do lists, calling my family in Santa Cruz, and saying goodbye to Florida.

Sometimes you just have to push.
It’s been two weeks since I arrived to Santa Cruz, so far I’ve been riding the bike and exploring the land while trying to get used to the weather. Traveling is always fun, a new view, meet new people, try new food. It’s always inspiring but it also means it’s time to push since you are the new one. I got reminded of this by a sea lion who was persistently jumping to be with a group of sleeping sea lions, he failed many times but kept on trying.