2013 Art Fallout

The Girls’ Club was one of the many venues participating in the 2013 Art Fallout in Fort Lauderdale, their topic was “Thinking on Paper”, allowing artists to present work on paper as part of a one-day, open call exhibition which was informally judged by professional artist as well as general public on the day of the event using sticky notes.

Finding this the perfect excuse to finally sit at the drawing table, I decided to participate and make a piece. The drawing was an idea I’ve had for a long time, a person stuck in their partner’s head, which ended up looking like the interior of a spaceship.

“Thinking on paper” presented a variety of mediums from pencil drawings, charcoal, ink, watercolor, photography and mixed media but the most interesting part was watching the public interact with the work. Later into the night the walls were full of colorful sticky notes, which would be picked up at the end by the artists as their critique.

Link: Girls’ Club